Monday, 28 September 2015

Why Do We Rotate Crops - Do We Really Need to Do That? Why Weeds Are Happily Growing Instead of Our Crop?

Hello!  Why do we rotate vegetable crops? What does it mean and do we really need to rotate crops? Why weeds are happily growing instead of our crop?

Why do we need life in the soil?  Did you know that there is millions of microorganisms in the teaspoon of a good compost!  I find it incredibly exciting.  So, what are these millions of tiny organisms doing in our soil?  Nature has a specific job for them.

Every organic vegetable grower I have spoken with, rotate their vegetable crops. What is a crop rotation?  It's about rotating different plant families annually in the vegetable garden beds.

Why do we do that? Do we really need to rotate our crops?

How to build a right soil structure?  Who actually builds structure of a soil?

Yup!  So many questions.  To follow last two videos - here are the next two videos from livingwebfarms by Dr. Elaine Ingham where she will answer all those questions and more...Enjoy!

Heli Iso-Aho