Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Easy Way To Grow Herbs At Home - The Herb Spiral

Hello! Are you looking for an easy way to grow your herbs at home? If you don't have much space and like to grow many different herbs, there is a way to grow them all in the same small space. 

Well, have you ever heard of The Herb Spiral in Permaculture?

The Herb Spiral is a truly amazing, highly productive and energy efficient garden design that was first created by Bill Mollison.  "You can get 58 running feet (approx.17mtrs) of herbs from a Herb Spiral that is approx. 6 feet across at the base and 3 feet high from the middle."-Bill Mollison

The Herb Spiral creates microclimates allowing you to grow different types of herbs in the same area. (e.g rosemary for dry conditions and mint for moist conditions).  Also you can add a small frog pond at the start of a spiral to grow your watercress.

You can grow all your herbs in one small space and by building your garden next to your kitchen door or as close as possible, you can get to your herbs quickly and easily when ever you need them.

 photo source: amberdc

Here are some benefits of a Herb Spiral:
  • You can grow more herbs in the small compact space
  • Different micro-climates allow you to grow a large variety of herbs
  • A Herb Spiral can be build on concrete or any other hard surface
  • Easy to maintain and harvest your herbs
  • Only one sprinkler needed to water whole garden
  • You save time and energy on growing your own herbs
  • You may have a small frog pond build at the start of the spiral
  • Always fresh herbs available and no waste
  • Affordable garden feature - building materials can be found from your home or by going to scrap yards. You can use any kind of material that holds your soil in e.g bricks, rocks, timber, sticks etc.
The best benefit of all, I think is that you are creating an ecosystem that serves you and a range of small animals in your home - like frogs, lizards, insects, and other bugs.

And how would you FEEL daily to see your fresh herbs growing and giving you their heavenly scent....:-)

Here is a great video from The Daedalx tittled with The Herb Spiral where Bill Mollison gives all the secrets in building his famous Herb Spiral.  Enjoy!

Are you ready to set up your own Herb Spiral? Or maybe you have build one already.  Let us your thoughts, we'd love to hear from you.

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Heli & Allan Iso-Aho

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