Sunday, 30 November 2014

What Is A Banana Circle? - How To Grow Bananas In Subtropics?

Hello Hello!  I hear people talking about this amazing way to grow bananas in tropics and subtropics and many of you are asking - What is a banana circle? Why is it such a great method of growing bananas?

Well, I decided to do some research to find out.  As we live in subtropics, a banana circle would work well in our yard. 

This is what we found out:

First of all, what is a banana circle?  It is simply a method of growing bananas (and paw paws if you wish) and other 'fill in' plants in the small area (e.g 2m diameter circle) where you can utilize water run off and overflow water from water tanks to water your produce.

Also by composting your kitchen and garden waste in the middle of your banana circle you feed and water your plants at same time.

Bananas are great plants to use in this method because they are heavy feeders and they love a 'good drink' to be productive.

Let's go through the benefits of a banana circle:

  • You only need a small area (2m - 3m diameter)
  • Much higher yield than traditional growing in the field (traditionally area 3m x 3m)
      - e.g  "3m diameter circle => 12 bananas => 148 punches in 18months => 50% more weight in the punch"  - Bill Mollison        
  • Less watering, less work
  • Hardly any weeds - bananas and other plants planted thickly and a circle is mulched
  • Composting area is in the middle, which feeds your plants

This is certainly one of the fantastic methods of growing fruit trees I have ever seen and so excited to learn more soon as I am attending for the PDC course in the near future :-)

We love to hear your experiences in building a Banana circle and how it's all working for you.  Are you are having any problems with it?  Let us know by commenting below and help us all to learn more.

Here is a couple of great videos for you: The first one is from the School Of Permaculture titled with Permaculture Tip of the Day - What is a Banana Circle? and the second video is from Sunny Rain Ecostead and Studio titled with Building A Banana Circle .


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Heli & Allan Iso-Aho

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