Sunday, 3 April 2016

Urban Composting - What is a Compost and What are the Benefits of a Compost?

Hello! Urban composting - is one of my favourite topics - nothing compares to an earthy smell of a finished compost!  What is a compost?  Why should we compost at home?

"Compost is the oxidative (with oxygen) decomposition of a mix of organic matter." - Dr. Elaine Ingham   ... and the emphasis is on the oxidative decomposition.

I think anyone who grows food at home should make compost - it's soo much fun and so rewarding!!

Healthy soil is the first priority when growing plants of any kind.  Helping beneficial microbes and plants to perform their duties as they feed each other (I would call that a perfect relationship) in the root zone.

Sustainable way of growing own food, we need to look after life in the soil - and that means we need to give more than we take.  We need to make own compost and build a balanced ecosystem in the soil.  Compost that has all beneficial microbes in the aerobic (with air) soil environment.  Compost doesn't stink - instead it smells like a forest floor.

So - how do you make compost in suburban backyard?  First you must understand steps you need to take and then ACT.  Anyone who is willing to do some reading or if you prefer to watch videos, can learn how to compost.

Here's a great video below on Urban Composting with Dr. Elaine Ingham by Valhalla Movement .
You'll learn about:
  • Composting methods - thermal composting and worm composting.  
  • Sourcing starting materials to your compost.  
  • C:N ratio (carbon:nitrogen) - how much 'browns','greens' and 'party food' to use in your compost.  Optimum temperature and - moisture level in the pile and how to measure them.  
  • What is compost leachate, compost extract and compost tea?...and much more.

Take a first step on making your own compost at home by watching this video.


Heli Iso-Aho