Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Heatwaves Kill Traditional Vegetable Gardens But Not Food4Wealth Gardens

Here is a video on what can happen to our vegetable gardens when extreme weather arrives.

What do you think?

In our Food4Wealth vegetable patch we have noticed that we do not have to water our plants so much.  Planting fairly close together and using layers of compost with other materials is working brilliantly.   

Loving the process and the method :-)  Thank you Jonathan.

Allan & Heli


  1. Hi Jonathan,
    I really like your presentation. I use Ecobeds (wicking) to combat drought and very hot conditions in Melbourne. I protect my soil with dense plantings and generous mulching and it all copes well. I protect soil structure with regular top dressings of homemade compost, and dont dig my soil. I am very attracted to your random planting of vegies, but cant bring myself to abandon crop rotation which I do in my 4 bed system. How careful are you to avoid planting family groups in the same spot repeatedly, or do you find it doesn't matter? Regards John.

    1. Hey John, thank you for your comment. I believe you can reach Jonathan from this website . Regards, Heli.