Friday, 6 June 2014

Permaculture Paradise: Val & Eli's Fall Chop & Drop!

by Johnny Mars

Hello world!  We have found an other great video by Johnny Mars on permaculture.  It's about how to grow your own fruits and vegetables by using permaculture principles in growing food forest.

In this video Val and Eli from will show you how to mulch and build soil by using method called 'chop and drop' as it's called in the permaculture world.  You will see what kind of tools to use and how to use them.

You'll see how chopping and dropping Moringa trees ("miracle trees",eat it's leaves as a multivitamin) is done quickly and easily.  Even a piece of a Moringa tree trunk can be replanted in the soil.  The purpose of chopping and dropping is mulching and building a nutritious soil for the fruit trees and vegetables in the food forest. 

So next time when leaves are dropping in your yard or you prune plants - don't waste them in to your garbage bin - use them as a mulch in your garden or put them in your compost bin.

Do you know what is 'air layering'?  Well, it's a propagation technique that you can use to produce plants faster.  In this video Val will show you how it's done.

So, we hope you'll enjoy this video as much as we did. :-)

Allan & Heli     

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