Friday, 4 July 2014

What Is A Rocket Stove - How To Build One?

Hello World!  Do you know what a rocket stove is? A simple rocket stove can heat up your water with no time at all.  Amazing. 

Why is it called 'rocket stove'?  Found this explanation: "The stove is called a "rocket stove" because the heated chimney causes the air to rise rapidly (rocket), pulling air in quickly to replace it, creating a stoking effect".-

So if you are a 'handyman or handywoman' you could build your own as long as you know how to.  Benefit of a rocket stove is that it is very efficient and uses less wood.  You can use leaves, twigs and pine cones in the burner.

Here is a great video from Permasolutions with Geoff Lawton on "How to build a rocket stove mass water heater".  Enjoy!

Allan & Heli
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