Thursday, 28 August 2014

How To Use Comfrey In Your Garden - Why Most Permaculturists Love Comfrey

Hello!  Do you know a plant called Comfrey? Do you know how to use Comfrey in your garden? 

Comfrey is a very popular plant in the permaculture designs and permaculture gardens.  It has many advantages in the garden.  It's also called the queen of multi-functional plants (Toby Hemenway).

Main advantages:

-  Brings beneficial insects to your garden - bees love it! Earth worms love rotting Comfrey!
-  Fantastic 'chop and drop' plant for your fruit trees.
-  Leaves great in the compost pile - makes your compost heating up quickly
-  Makes great Comfrey 'tea' as a liquid fertilizer for your plants (by cutting leaves and soak them in the bucket of water for a couple of weeks.)
-  Great biomass (biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms) accumulator for your garden.

-  Spreads by a root division - very hard to get rid off by digging a plant out. Make sure you plant Comfrey to a right place in the ground or plant it in the pot. 

I found this great video from Paul Wheaton titled with Why Permaculture Folks Like Comfrey.  It'll give you more great information on Comfrey and how to use it in your garden.

Hope you'll enjoy it!


Do you grow Comfrey in you yard?  What experiences you have had with the plant?

We'd love to hear from you. Leave your comment below :-)

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