Friday, 12 September 2014

There Is A Permaculture Heaven On Earth! - Come On Tour At Zaytuna Farm In Australia

Hello! Remember this video tour at Geoff Lawton's Zaytuna farm at 2012?  How the run down cattle property changed in to a permaculture heaven on earth.

Here is a video from hempward on Zaytuna Farm Video Tour Part II made 2013 and here you can see what has changed at the farm.  Geoff, and his helping hand daughter Latifa, go through following topics:

1.  Kitchen Garden

2.  Natural Buildings
    -  Benefits of straw bale building and woven bamboo building

 3. Food Forests
    -  Establishing a food forest, using a chicken tractor, use of different plant species from nitrogen      fixing ground covers to fruit trees and non-aggressive timber trees

4.  Plant Nursery

    -  Seed storage and species
    -  Water supply system for the nursery
    -  Solar energy system
    -  Potting area
    -  Potting mix used => sharp river sand & sieved compost, how to sieve the compost
    -  Sowing depth for seeds
    -  Polytunnel for propagation => automated misters
    -  Shadehouse  => misters, worm farm
    -  Harden off area (outside area before planting in the ground) =>
       goes through species grown in the nursery and shows how to plant a Jack Fruit tree.

5.  Cattle Lane Ways
     -  Goats => fed with forage & pasture (50/50)

6.  Aquaculture

7.  Chickens (breeding)

8.  Soil Course & Intership Program

And now have a nice cup of your favourite drink and sit down to enjoy this tour here at Down Under! 

Heli & Allan        
We hope you enjoyed this video as much as we did! If so, please be sociable and share :-)

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