Thursday, 16 October 2014

Is Urban Homesteading Just A Myth? - What Is Urban Homesteading?

Hello!  Is urban homesteading just a myth or is it really something that can be done?  

What is urban homesteading?  To me urban homesteading is about a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and living low impact, sustainable lifestyle in your suburban home.  E.g growing your own food and preserving it for your family.  Harvesting rain water.  Using alternative energy methods such as solar, hydro or wind. Using alternative transportation when ever you can (bicycle, walking).

Wouldn't be nice to have a life where you can 'go grocery shopping' for the most of your food in you backyard.  Knowing that your food is fresh, healthy and a taste of food is unlike anything bought from shops.

To live life that is more simple by working with your community. Sharing, bartering and swapping products with your friends and neighbours.  Selling your surplus food and buy products that you need and cannot produce yourself.

This family from USA shows you how they are living a simple, low impact life in their suburban home.  We found this story to be so inspirational and fun.  

Have a cup of your favourite drink and enjoy this award winning film from Urban Homestead titled with Homegrown Revolution - The Urban Homestead Dervaes .  

This film made my heart sing :-)

So, what do you think about a self-sufficiency?  Would you do something like this?  Please leave your comments below.

Heli Iso-Aho

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