Thursday, 30 October 2014

What Would Mother Nature Say...

Hello! Hello!  What would Mother Nature say to humankind if she could speak our language?  This is something that came into my mind: "Work with me and flourish.  Work against me and vanish."  As we all know she is 'speaking' to us - but are we listening?

I feel great sadness to see how we treat this planet earth and its inhabitants.  The earth is not a home only for humans, its also a home for all other living species and organisms.  We've been given a huge gift by being a part of nature and it's our responsibility to respect and conserve the environment we live in.

"The greatest thread to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it" - Robert Swan

It's about you and me as an individuals, changing our ways and asking questions to find answers instead of blaming others.  Taking actions every day instead of just talking about climate change.  We all as individuals have the power to change the world into a place we want to live in.  

Choosing the way we live and consume is a powerful act that nobody can ignore. Being a role model to our children so they adopt a meaningful way to live so they can pass it on to their children.

And I don't mean going back 'to anything' - but choosing to live more sustainable and regenerative way, so that this earth is better place tomorrow than it was today for all living species on the earth.

What could you change in your every day life that would have a positive impact on the environment?

Would you consider to do any of these: Do carpooling or using public transport, grow some of your food, shop locally, composting, insulate your house before having an air-con, harvesting rainwater, recycle water, practising zero waste, reduce plastics, avoid buying packaged items, reduce - reuse - recycle, up-cycle etc.

There are so many things that we can do as individuals to make a positive impact on our environment and feel great about it.

Do we really need to buy everything we want? How about buying a second hand item instead of a new one?  Could we swap and share items?  How about start cooking at home? 

Changing our ways is not hard - it's just choosing a 'habit' over another one -  and it can be a lots of fun too :-) 

Here is a great video from ConservationDotOrg tittled with Nature Is Speaking - Julia Roberts is Mother Nature.  Enjoy! 

Did you enjoyed this video?  Do you agree with a message?  Let us know - we would love to hear your thoughts :-)

Heli Iso-Aho  

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